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Later, Simmons saw Fitz locking away Aida's head for good, ignorant of the fact that he had downloaded its data on his phone.

  • Suddenly, Simmons entered the laboratory and grabbed the notebook from Fitz; the papers fell to the floor and were scattered.
  • Simmons and Leo Fitz assisted the rest of the team from the Zephyr One when an assault was launched against the Chinatown Crew Headquarters in order to stop Eli Morrow.
  • An earthquake occurred as she waited with Fitz and they hugged in panic as the island shook.
  • Coulson's team thus learnt of Hive's plans: Simmons said they supposed to hold hands now, so the two did it.

After the battle at Cybertek , Simmons was reunited with the team as Coulson became the Director of S. Simmons then told Fitz that if he knew Will Daniels , then he would understand why she desperately hopes to rescue him; Fitz assured her that he will get to know Daniels. Fortunately, Johnson could use her powers to reveal it. They thus placed the corpse in quarantine. He then questioned her about her thought processes and state of mind as she recorded her logs.

DESCRIPTION: Hive used the memories of Will Daniels to overpower Simmons, reminding her of escape from Maveth , during which Daniels protected Simmons from Hive at the cost of his own life. Mace and Grant Ward did not believe her, saying that what they were doing in the S.

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On Zephyr One , Simmons and Fitz explained to Coulson that Hive had created small organisms which had consumed the victims' flesh. When they returned to the Playground, Simmons, who had been joined by Fitz, found them and watched Aida being killed once and for all by Coulson. Later, Simmons searched the Playground for an eastern window so she could watch the sun rise. The HYDRA officer quickly overwhelmed Simmons, who had no choice but shooting him, all of that while the Doctor was still listening on the phone. Although she did not trust him, he appointed Simmons as his advisor in science and technology, which led to her becoming one of the superiors in the organization. After they kidnapped Giyera, Simmons was asked by Giyera why Hive destroyed the researches in the facility, so Simmons sad either he wanted to use them, or he was afraid of them. The team investigated and Simmons discovered that a rare element called Gravitonium was the cause of the attack. She later packed Fitz's favorite sandwich in his bag, and helped him get the backpack on.

Apr 30,  · Fervent by Gemma James April 30, April 30, Book three in the Condemned Series, Fervent is a dark romance with scenes which some may find distressing. Not one for the faint hearted for sure! The hook-up came after a rocky patch for the loved-up pair. The last series of Towie saw Gemma leave Essex in tears after Arg friend-zoned her on camera. But after spending time together filming in Dublin, the Towie star seemed to do a U-turn and fall for Gemma .

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Simmons continued her false attempts to open the Toolbox as May and Bobbi Morse entered the lab, but May told her she could stop because she had told Morse the truth. Hive used the memories of Will Daniels to overpower Simmons, reminding her of escape from Maveth , during which Daniels protected Simmons from Hive at the cost of his own life. Simmons roamed the planet for a time, scavenging food and water.

  • Fervent by Gemma James
  • She was able to calm herself, and act as though she was oblivious to the true unfolding events.
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  • Kasius gathered his guests and his Inhumans and revealed that he knew about Ben's lies regarding Simmons' friends being present at the Lighthouse.


A few days later, Phil Coulson appointed Alphonso Mackenzie to the head of the alien artifacts division. They were later ambushed by Ward, who turned out to be a double agent whose true loyalty was to the S. Simmons tries to work with Fitz again. Through the video feed of the Containment Chamber, Simmons monitored the conversation between Fitz and Aida when they discussed what had happened in the Framework and burst into tears when she heard Fitz lamenting over the fact that his future with Simmons was destroyed. She refused to specify when Fitz asked her what was in the case that she had taken to Coulson, because the gloves were the content.


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