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Pete December 11, Pete February 18, A condom brand from UK called TheyFit recognized the need for better fitting condoms and came up with a revolutionary concept — custom fit condoms with 66 different sizes!

  • I have a somewhat average length penis but very thick.
  • Steve May 1, Extra head room, lubricated.
  • You can always stretch the length of a regular condom, but their width is more for girths that are 5 inches or below. Zed July 22,

James May 30, Hey I have not been able to find bigger condoms then 58mmwidth in 3 years since they stopped carrying the kind I was using before at 64mm width! We tried to use one a couple times, but just seemed ridiculously difficult to get on and was very tight. Sooo the American company special made enough to fill the order and sent then them to Russia, stamped Meduim! UK Condom Size Chart.

DESCRIPTION: I read that magnums are for 5. Pete April 14, Jeff December 1,

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Feb 10,  · Magnum condoms are needed more for thickness than they are for length. If you have a penis with a circumference up close to 6 inches you need a magnum condom because regular one will feel really tight. You can always stretch the length of a regular condom, but their width is more for girths that are 5 inches or hospitaliers.ru: Resolved. So, without further ado, here it is – the detailed condom size chart. Condom size chart. Navigation: Small condoms; Regular size condoms; Large condoms; Quick Tip: if your penis girth is below inches (mm) check out the snugger fit section. Regular condoms will best suit you if your girth is between ″–″ (mm).

Condom size chart

I know u guys will be ashamed but im 13 and i have a small penis my length is around 4. Regular condoms will best suit you if your girth is between 4. Pete March 29, Pete September 26,

Trojan Magnum Size So let’s see how exactly big are Trojan Magnum and Trojan Magnum XL. Below is a Trojan Magnum Size Chart with . TROJAN Condoms Size Chart. Trojan does not manufacture snug fit or Trojan Magnum Fire and Ice Trojan’s fire and ice lubricant now available in Magnum size. Trojan Magnum Thin. Trojan Magnum. Magnum Thin: Lubricated, One Size Truly Doesn't Fit All With Condoms. Article. Are Lubricated Condoms the Right Choice for You?

Anderw October 2, Beyond Seven with Aloe.

My girth is a slender mm fgom base to tip, possibly reachingmm when really fully aroused. Pete December 30, You can still try Magnum as a reference point. I tried using Trojan ultra thin but when i went to put them on I could only roll them down about halfway then it was too tight.

  • Can i fit magnum xl?
  • Pete September 26, The only alternative seems to be something at 5omm, though these seem rather rare.
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  • Expensive, but less-so than HIV and a funeral, or kids, for that matter!

It's easy to see why men fall for this particular sales pitch. I have a 6 in penis with a 5in girth what condom should I use? SIZE, German condom brand with 7 different condom sizes. Trojan Magnum Ribbed Condoms. Could i use a magnum condom? You have a large penis and will need to use a bigger condom to start with. I suggest that you start with a regular one but try both, the difference between them is not that big.

December 17, 4. Nature gave me a chubby peter. Small condoms Regular size condoms Large condoms Quick Tip: Studded condoms for enhanced pleasure, made of Sheerlon, strong material, thinner than ordinary latex condom. Lightly lubricated, ultra thin latex condom one of the thinnest latex condoms from Okamoto Length: CEBG August 8, It's a bit like putting an elastic band on your wrist - it will feel tight, leave a red mark and hurt.

XLs are the venue of the rare Congoid and the disillusioned everyman. There are some 47mm and even 45mm condoms from Europe. If I would have to pick something from the list above…maybe Trustex extra large wider and longer than regular or Lifestyles Kyng little bit wider, regular length …two more suggestions: So how much larger are Magnum and Magnum XL condom sizes exactly?


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