Coconut Oil As A Facial Moisturizer



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It usually takes about a month for things to even out so if you don't see a change soon-- I'd suggest a change.

  • Just be sure to apply it all over a few times throughout the day if you plan to be swimming all day.
  • I only own Clary Sage for now. Any changes I can make to remain chemical free I am all for!!
  • You should try it! This is so great!!
  • I'm going to read more about that! It's got a lot of great oral hygiene essential oils.

DESCRIPTION: Thank you for this wonderful post! And do you use moisturizer after, or is that too much?

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If anyone else has any suggestions, let us know!! Aubrey, heck yes, you can use it to remove make up! They are actually baby wipes so they are really heavy duty. It helped his eczema a lot. Thank you for sharing!

Coconut, Hazelnut, Avocado? Choose the Facial Oil That Works for Your Skin Type. Learn how to make the most luxurious whipped coconut oil and find many areas in your life you can use to avoid damaging chemicals.

10 Reasons To Start Putting Coconut Oil On Your Face & Skin

Coconut oil indeed comes from the coconut trees, but coconut is a drupe, botanically speaking, not a nut. Maeva, thank you for your advice and the story of experience you have had with coconut oil. Stephanie, I think you will love it! Not sure if I'm ready for that yet!

It helped his eczema a lot.

Primally Inspired July 14, at However, due to its awesome makeup removing skills, it causes my mascara to run its even waterproof , creating dark circles under my eyes. You make me smile:

It says that the organic cotton wipes are reusable are you able to wash them to reuse them? Melony April 8, at Veronica08 October 1, at 9: You should try it!

  • I have whipped it for over 5 min now and I am not getting any stiff peaks yet. If you skin is happy with your current routine, then that's a good sign that you're doing well.
  • Friday Favorites: Whipped Coconut Oil
  • Is it irritating your eyes because it's getting inside your eye?

I have tried African Black soap but it dries out my face real bad. I won't tell you not to use it or that it definitely causes health problems or not, but it is something that you should be educated about and informed as to if you'd be willing to risk the potential side effects for the known benefits of the product. Do you think it will still be ok?

I am ultra sensitive to chemicals and am a cancer survivor. Cheryl April 7, at 5: Tooth cleaning products you choose to teach. Jennifer June 20, at 7: Coconut oil has a soothing effect on burnt skin and goes to work right away to reduce inflammation and pain. I also work it into my fingernails to strengthen and condition them while I sleep. But just know that in some people it's causes amazing results, but in others it may produce a special kind of acne, a small clusters of hard bumps.

I already use coconut oil as a skin moisturizer, hair mask, and eye makeup remover. I like anything that causes less dish washing. I feel you about that-- I hate spending money and not using the products either. I love using CO as my facial moisturizer. It is great in my hair for shine and healthy looking locks a little dab 'll do ya! It goes without saying that facial skin is the most affected because it is exposed to the environment all the time.


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