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Y&R Recaps: The week of May 22, on The Young and the Restless

She promised to tell the twins all about L.

  • Ashley asked Jack not to go down that rabbit hole, but Jack wanted Ashley to hear Dina out.
  • Neil warned Ashley that her past wounds would become part of her forever if she failed to deal with them and release them. Lily invited her to watch it together.
  • Nick warned that a bribe might not work if the doctor had money, and he urged Chelsea to play it smart. Cane is stunned by a request.
  • Season two trailer of Ladies of the Lake released; season premieres June
  • Devon informed Tessa that he'd just acquired a music streaming service and that he was signing new artists, and he asked if she wanted to be the first artist they signed.

Sharon said she assumed Victor was pleased, knowing how resourceful Chelsea was. She yelled for Mattie and Charlie to help her. Genie Francis dropped from General Hospital. Jack thanked Nikki for the great company that night, and she said she felt better after their chat. Hilary couldn't believe that Juliet had spent the night with Cane.

DESCRIPTION: Jack claimed that that had been classic Billy -- given enough rope, Billy would hang himself every time. Tessa said not in the way Noah thought.

ThatOnePerson: LOL this is so campy! split screen etc

Mariana Pedro: Thanks, I enjoyed this vid. Lovely chubby gal.

Savannah Kee: sign me up plz. my black ass needs this!

Marwa N: Toda vez que assisto a esse video, fico excitada e toco uma siririca pensando que elas podiam estar esfregando suas bucetas com a minha, tesao!

Adeeb Azhar: I will try the same tonight

The Poss: Princess Donna Dolores is the best! I love her videos

He reported that he'd only received the group text message about meeting in the conference room, and Juliet bemoaned that she hadn't been able to eat, sleep, or think straight. Victoria reasoned that the public never would have seen the clip if Juliet had handled things properly, and Juliet insisted that she'd thought she had, but things had been moving quickly. Harris' house, and Nick mused that he felt like he knew the doctor after checking out his social media page. Dina feared that Ashley had made her out to be a monster, but she wanted to change all that.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane said he was happy that Juliet realized that what had happened between them in Tokyo had been a mistake, and he'd never forgive himself.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane said he was happy that Juliet realized that what had happened between them in Tokyo had been a mistake, and he'd never forgive himself.

Billy Miller addresses the rumors that he's unhappy at GH.

Noah welcomed Mariah and Devon to the Underground, and Devon stepped aside to take a call from Mergeron. Nick added that Scott didn't owe Victor his undying loyalty for having saved his life. Jack said he considered her to be family, and he'd trade her for some of his genetic family. Dina accused Ashley of not being forthcoming.

  • DAYS outperforms all other soaps in ratings gains. Lily questioned why he would have objected to promoting something that they'd worked hard on.
  • Victor remembered how devastated Ashley had been when she'd found out who her real father was, and he flashed back to a distraught Ashley questioning who she was and who she was going to become. Billy stressed that he and Victoria had been open and honest with one another, and Reed grumbled that they should have been honest with him.
  • Dina accused Ashley of not being forthcoming.

Nick wondered if they could believe anything the woman had just told them. Chelsea and Nick tracked down Dr. On-screen couple reunites in new film. Cane spotted the flash drive and asked if it was Lily's interview. Ashley warned Dina to stay away from Abby. Chelsea relayed that Chloe had checked into the mental hospital when she'd said she had, but Chloe had been involuntarily committed to a different place after she'd tried to run down Adam. GH alum John Stamos is a proud new papa. He called it the perfect storm of miscommunication, and he swore that he would have stopped the live broadcast from airing if he'd known that Victoria had decided to show the behind-the-scenes clips.

Reed snarled that he'd caught Zoey locking lips with a cocky jock. Lily pointedly stated that Barry had told her to start working on it, and Hilary expressed surprise that he'd taken Lily on as a client. Nikki proudly stated that she'd trained Tessa well, and Tessa compared a great anthem to a tattoo -- it was a personal experience, but people around the world could understand and appreciate it.


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